User Guide

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  • You can find all vaults on the vault page / hodl& feed page.

  • Choose and click on a vault from the list, then you’ll see the following pop-up card.

  • Vault Capacity: For now, we restrict the overall deposit amount to some number, if the capacity is full, you won’t be allowed to deposit.

  • Asset Info: The section show the deposited asset and your token balance.

  • Token Select: If the vault allows other deposit tokens, you can choose the token from here.

  • Deposit Button: Click after input the intended deposit amount to send the transaction.

  • Infinite Approve: If you select infinite approve, we will ask you to approve our smart contract to spend an infinite amount, so you won’t have to approve again when you deposit a larger number next time (you can save gas fee by doing so).


  • Click the toggle on the top-right corner, then you’ll see the withdraw and claim options.

  • Asset Info: The section show the deposited asset, which is the amount you can withdraw.

  • Ratio Button: You can click on the ration button, the respective amount will be filled in the input area.

  • Withdraw Button: Click after you input the withdraw amount to withdraw.

Claim Yields

  • This is where you can claim your Yields!

  • Claim Reward: This is where you can find your claimable rewards, you can choose to claim individual rewards by clicking the claim button.

  • Claim All Rewards: By clicking this button, you can claim all your rewards at once.