Protocal Overview


LongLong is a protocol that diversifies your principal and yield into different tokens.

Users deposit their principal into a vault in the form of baseToken and automatically gets their yield converted into longToken of their choice. These longToken are also invested into available opportunities for the users, no action is required.

Users do not need to touch the yielded longToken and manually invest them. Saving precious time and attention.


  • Diversifying investment automatically for investors.

  • Allow investors to invest in a new project, risk-free.

  • Help hodlers decrease the exposure risk by helping them take profits.

  • Assisting protocols to onboard new long-term hodlers.

  • Help protocols to retain long-term hodlers by providing a de-risked holding.

How does it work

LongLong deploys vaults that will be marked in base asset and long asset. The base asset is the token that users will keep their principal in. The long asset is the token that users will be converting their yields into.

LongLong pools the same base asset from different vaults together and invest them into the best yield in the market.

The vaults collect their profits and convert them into the long asset respectively. These long assets are then invested into a special type of vault, which we call self-compounding yield. The long asset will gain yield if applicable. Users now earn an additional yield on top of their yield!

Who benefits from LongLong


At LongLong, we believe that providing tooling to invest and Hodl in a less risky way helps farmers to tap into riskier assets and remain sane when the market is volatile. Attention is an ultimate human resource that we wish to help preserve, thus we will be making more products that are in line with the set-it-and-forget-it philosophy. Happier farmers, happier families.


For protocols, these products facilitate the on-boarding of new long-term hodlers of a protocol and also help protocols to retain existing hodlers. We believe the more long-term token hodlers, the healthier it is for the community and the ecosystem.